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Bioheat® Fuel Goes to Work

Bioheat Fuel Goes to Work.pngIf you are one the millions of New Yorkers and Long Islanders who ride the train or take the bus to work each day, then you might recognize this image from your daily commute. Our “Be a Net-Zero Hero™” campaign has been running billboards on LIRR and NYC Subway platforms as well as MTA buses in order to bring people’s attention to the everyday benefits of Bioheat®, the renewable home heating fuel that’s helping New York reduce emissions on its path to net-zero.

Some of the most popular stations where you might have seen our posters include:

Penn Station | Atlantic Ave.-Barclay’s Center (B,Q) | Crown Heights-Utica Ave. (2,3,4,5) | Yankee Stadium (4) | 3 Ave.-149 St. (2,5) | Jamaica Center (E,Z,J) | Forest Hills-71 Ave. (E,F,M,R) | Hicksville LIRR | Ronkonkoma  LIRR| Huntington LIRR

Now, if you’re thinking, “Hey, why are they running this all the way out there,” there’s an easy answer to that. These ads are all over Long Island and New York City because Bioheat® fuel is used every day by people from all different walks of life. Construction and office workers, waiters and waitresses, doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators, school teachers, stock traders, even the bus drivers and train conductors helping us get from point A to B: at the end of the day, we all return home to the warmth and comfort of safe and reliable Bioheat® fuel. In fact, many of our workplaces are also heated by this versatile and dependable energy source!

By replacing petroleum-based heating oil with a renewable fuel made from recycled resources like soybean oil and used cooking oil, Bioheat® fuel helps reduce carbon emissions for all New Yorkers and Long Islanders, no matter what they do for a living. Additionally, because Bioheat® fuel is fully compatible with existing home heating systems, its emission reductions are delivered now — not five or 10 years down the line. That’s why we say all New Yorkers and Long Islanders can be Net-Zero Heroes™.

So, next time you see one of these posters on your way to work, give it a closer look. And if someone asks you about it, you can tell them what you read here to learn more about your clean, renewable home heating fuel.